Niki grew up in a small country town called Tumbarumba—which always makes for good conversation, rarely has anyone ever been there, but everyone knows somebody who knew someone that went through there once, or they’ve heard that poem; Tumba Bloody Rumba. When Niki was 15 she left the fresh country air and moved to Sydney to finish school and go on to study design.

Since then design has been a common thread in her life. Although she did have a crack—that lasted the most part of a decade—at racing her mountain bike, here in Australia and overseas. Despite often getting her ass kicked by pocket-rockets with border-line eating disorders (no disrespect intended, only the contrary), she still considers these years to be some of the best years of her life to date.

Now Niki works out of a small studio in Melbourne, working for a handful of clients and making and selling art prints. When not at her desk designing or making art, she is riding her bike or seeking solace in the high country—where she hopes to return to for good one day.

Clients include: Harper Collins, Lonely Planet, Caffe Nero, Tourism Australia, ARTSNSW, Monocle Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Oyster Magazine, Inside Sport, Redbull and the Australian Football League.

As an illustrator Niki is represented by the Illustration Room, please contact Katie Perrott for all illustration inquiries:
+61 432 950 648

For design inquiries please contact Niki:

Niki is on instagram & facebook